HERU 250 S

New product

HERU®250 S can be used in homes, offices, apartments etc. where there is a need for:

-high temperature efficiency

-energy saving

-low sound levels

-safe operation


HERU®250 S has

- a rotating heat exchanger, of non-hygroscopic type and is manufactured of aluminium, placed centrally in the unit. The heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency of up to 86%.

- backward curved centrifugal fans with maintenance free external rotor motors, which are easy to remove for cleaning.

- has built-in control for heating/cooling.

- can be fitted with a built-in electric heater 2300 W or 1150 W.

- as standard bagfilter F7.

- a wireless remote controller for the operation and monitoring of the unit.

- a double skinned galvanised sheet steel casing with 50 mm intermediate insulation


Dane tcheniczne:


Parametr Wartość Urządzenie
Napięcie 230 V
Częstotliwość 50 Hz
Faza 1 ~
Poziom ciśnienia akustycznego w odl. 3 m 46 dB(A)
Moc went. 530 W
Częstotliwość nagrzewnica A:2300 / B:1150 / C:-- W
Power, total A:2860 / B:1710 / C:557 W
Prąd went. 2,31 A
Prąd nagrzewnica A:10,0 / B:5,0 / C:-- A
Current, total A:12,4 / B:7,4 / C:1,41 A
Wysokość 118 kg
Przyłącza kanałów, Ø 250 mm  





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