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HERU®70 T can be used in homes, offices, apartments etc. where there is a need for: 

-high temperature efficiency  

-energy saving 

-low sound levels 

-safe operation


HERU®70 T:

- has a rotating heat exchanger, of non-hygroscopic type and is manufactured of aluminium, placed centrally in the unit. The heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency of up to 86%.

- has backwardcurved centrifugal fans with maintenance free external   rotor motors, which are easy to remove for cleaning. 

- has built-in control for heating/cooling.

- can be fitted with a built-in electric heater 1200 W or 600 W.

- has as standard, disposable rigid filter F7.

- has a wireless remote controller for the operation and monitoring   of the unit. 

- has a double skinned galvanised sheet steel casing with intermediate insulation.

- is supplied for right or left handing application, and with or without   connection to Östberg HERU®T cooker hood.


The HERU®70 T is mounted in a warm space as e.g. the utility room. The HERU®70 T is delivered in white as standard. HERU®70 T is operated via a wireless remote controller which can operate and to preset the required parameters as well as monitor the unit’s status. The operating range is approximately 50 meters. The antenna which is placed next to the unit can have the range reduced if there are heavy reinforcing bars in the concrete structure and it should then be moved either to a position where the signal is not shielded or nearer to the controller. The HERU®70 T unit is equipped with a wall plug.



Dane techniczne:


Parametr Wartość Urządzenie
Napięcie 230 V
Częstotliwość 50 Hz
Faza 1 ~
Poziom ciśnienia akustycznego w odl. 3 m 40 dB(A)
Moc wejściowa, went. 120 W  
Moc wejściowa, nagrzewnica A:1200 W, B:600 W, C:--  
Moc wejściowa, całk. A:1350 W, B:747 W, C:147 W  
Prąd, went. 0,52 A  
Prąd, nagrzewnica A:5,2 A, B:2,6 A, C:--  
Prąd, całk. A:5,8 A, B:3,23 A, C:0,62 A  
Wysokość, kg A:67, B: 67, C:66  
Przyłącza kanałów, Ø 125 mm  





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